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Michael Jordan had been stolen jerseys, but chose to wear a bull No. 12, MJ and 12 are also of origin.

first said, I, stubborn old AJ players, no matter how times change, how the trend of alternating?. Air, Jordan, is always my view of the crown of the brightest pearl, the status can not shake. But in fact, Air Jordan 12 is not my favorite AJ generation, is 4, 5 or 6, as well as everyone likes 11, and perhaps more than Joe's favorite 12, why can AJ12 in the poison? Because:

AJ12 is a real man". AJ11 due to paint more vivid, AJ13 because the cat claw is cartoon, AJ14 complex structure. AJ12 is not the same, simple surface with asymmetrical design revealed Ao tonality. I like the season in which AJ12 played. If it is three consecutive three years of high school is a new high after MJ, AJ11, MJ witnessed a comeback after the first full season, rebirth, because of the "new", so we are looking forward to see you this "new" how big, very stressful. Like Last Dance, AJ13 three, the last dance of the season, known after graduation, to disband, so a little sad. AJ12 is not the same, caught in the sophomore, freshmen had no stage, graduated from the college entrance examination pressure, so high is the most happy time, you look at MJ, to the championship, 50 stars, a double, scoring, good ah. Excellent performance. All palm Zoom air cushion, playing, walking are very cool.

normally, indeed as people should not be too love Air Jordan 12, and it is the first formal in Chinese on sale in mainland AJ, but because it is based on the Japanese flag flag as the design inspiration, how many people feel uncomfortable, because of the above 3 reasons, so in AJ12 poison.

, so it must attract a lot of people to scoff at, such as "crazy?" How many colors does a pair of shoes wear?" "What are you doing?" It's wasteful to wear shoes without clothes!" Well, I have to accept, but I think this is a very interesting process, you will find that there is no PSNY, OVO, Wings these "super giant" shoes, can not afford to buy, no luck to draw, but who do not love it? I like it. I don't want it. I don't know what to do with it. I buy these funny things with my shoes, my friends and fate. And this is what I want to share with you. Let me introduce myself to you.

Air Jordan 12 Taxi

before last year, AJ12 is a generation of more low-key generation, and rarely see it get together, not to mention, such as AJ1, 4, 5, 11, this almost every year will be re engraved. The Taxi was settled in 2013, when it was purchased at random and without any pressure. Like it, the reason is simple, the first year of color, gold buckle, black and white, the elderly love.

2016 and Air Jordan series of harvest year, the harvest is reflected in two aspects: engraved regression and shoe strong out of Table 1, old shoes; 2, by virtue of the two aspects of the old and new action, Air Jordan continue running countless. In such a harvest year, whether the dazzling shoes let you pick hualiaoyan? That's OK. Just accept the best ten double Air Jordan for the 2016 year!

Air Jordan 1 "Banned" Air Jordan as unshakable 1 list of the titles, the extremely popular not only because it is Air Jordan series of the first person, because the story is known to every family. This year is "forbidden to wear" in the name of the rebirth of the gorgeous regression, it retains the classic flavor at the same time, put on the leather shoes to litchi, exquisite texture interpretation of the unique charm of black and red!
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Air Jordan Air Jordan 3 as the first pair of shoes shoes with Jumpman Logo, behind it there are many worth remembering the history: for example, it is the legendary designer Tinker Hatfield is solely responsible for the design of the first pair of Air Jordan shoes, it is Jordan Brand left Michael Jordan, which is the 1988 all star weekend dunk contest the title of "line dunk boots". In 2014, Jordan Brand President David Schechter officially announced the Air Jordan 3 shut down again after the sale, Air Jordan 3 "True Blue OG" is the first appearance once again hit the mark Air Jordan 3 shoes engraved restart!
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Air Jordan 6 was the first ever to win the championship in the 90-91 season, beating the western Jordan Lakers in the Michael season

Nike +Air Max 1+Air recently sprayed blue Max 90+Air Max 950 Hyperize package will be available for sale, the store was ready for release in North America, seeing the real fade texture is very good, especially black and orange color Safari really is the trend of high degree of basketball shoes.

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